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Paginator FAQ

  • What's the difference between Paginator.send() and Paginator.respond()?

    • Paginator.send() is used to send a channel message (DMChannel or TextChannel) with the paginator.
    • Paginator.respond() is used to send an interaction response (or followup) message with the paginator.
  • How can the bot send a paginator to a different destination than where it was invoked?

    • Use the target parameter in Paginator.send() or Paginator.respond().
    • You can also set the target_message parameter to control what's shown as a response where the paginator was originally invoked.
      • For Paginator.respond(), this parameter is required if target is set, as an interaction requires being responded to.
  • How can I change the paginator's behavior without re-creating and re-sending it?

    • Use the Paginator.update() method.
  • How can I make the bot actually do something with the contents of a page?

    • Use the (upcoming) Paginator.page_action() method.