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In programming, threads are a way to run multiple processes at the same time. In Discord, threads are a way to keep multiple conversations going at the same time. Let's take a brief look at how to use threads in Pycord.


Not all the methods and attributes will be covered in this guide, but you can find them in our documentation! Check it out!

Creating a thread

With a few simple lines of code, we can create threads in Pycord.


All public threads need a starting message. This message will start the thread. However, private threads (which are unlocked with having your server boosted to Level 2), do not require a starting message.

Creating thread from a message

Creating a Thread from a Message
message = await ctx.send("My Starting Message")
await message.create_thread(name="thread name", auto_archive_duration=60)

You may also use other ways to create the thread, for example, by using on_message events or by commands.

Creating thread in a channel

Creating a Thread from a Channel
channel = bot.get_channel(...) # define this!
await channel.create_thread(name="Thread Name", message=None, auto_archive_duration=60, type=None, reason=None)

A thread type could be news_thread, public_thread, private_thread. You may use it by passing type=discord.ChannelType.news_thread.

Deleting Threads

Deleting Threads is simple. You need to get a thread and then use the delete method.

Deleting a Thread
thread = bot.get_channel(thread_id) # you could use other ways to get a thread
await thread.delete()

Editing Threads


  • name (str) – The new name of the thread

  • archived (bool) – Whether to archive the thread or not.

  • locked (bool) – Whether to lock the thread or not.

  • invitable (bool) – Whether non-moderators can add other non-moderators to this thread. Only available for private threads.

  • auto_archive_duration (int) – The new duration in minutes before a thread gets automatically archived for inactivity. Must be one of 60, 1440, 4320, or 10080.

  • slowmode_delay (int) – Specifies the slow-mode rate limit for users in the thread, in seconds. A value of 0 disables slow-mode. The maximum value possible is 21600.

Editing a Thread
thread = bot.get_channel(id)
await thread.edit(
name="New Name",

As you can see, threads are very simple. Once you learn how to use them, it's easy to create whatever you want.


Why am I getting a Forbidden error when I try to create a thread?

A Forbidden error occurs when the bot does not have the correct permissions to create threads.

Why am I getting an Unknown Message error when I try to create a thread?

Getting an error looking something like discord.ext.commands.errors.CommandInvokeError: Command raised an exception: HTTPException: 400 Bad Request (error code: 10008): Unknown Message?

There could be multiple reasons, some of them being:

  • The message does not exist
  • The message already has a thread
  • The message is in channel x, you are trying to start a thread in channel y.
  • The message was deleted.
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